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  Machbeth to witch 1.

Say from whence
You owe this strange intelligence, or why
Upon this blasted heath you stop our way
With such prophetic greeting? Speak, I charge you.

Witches vanish.

For Moving Forest, hex_msg will recite/regurgitate Mathew Fuller’s 500 Slogans by parasiting on networked text messaging. It’s a software machine that interweaves user text messages with prophetic insurgent soundbites between 26th of July and the 5th July. Through its algorithmic intelligence, it seeks connections with the information sent through it, then spits out slogans in response, masquerading them as messages from people on the networks.

You fuckers.
This is a brutal definition.
We can take over this signal.
We can eat this street.

Join the hexmsg network to participate. Gain underground information, co-ordinate, communicate, distribute strange intelligence. Or, set up your own network between co-conspirators, disparate agitators, friends and family, mums or babies – it is of course free! and you can text any network however big, for the cost of one SMS.

Join the main network by texting the following to 07999 056 794


To set up you own network send an SMS with a @ followed by the name of your network. Example:


Others can join it in the same way. You can leave any network by sending an SMS with an & followed by the the name of the network e.g &queersunday

Please read the following information about the machine:

  • Each individual is completely anonymous, no user names, members of the network form an unidentifiable mass.
  • Anyone with the telephone number for the system can create a new network.
  • You only receive messages networks you have already joined
  • All information from networks will be archived and used in no other relation than the hex_msg project for Moving Forest 2012. Any personal data will be deleted.
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